Some of the natural attractions near the village of Mladejko are the caves and springs of the River Mladejka. From the village to the river springs, there is a picturesque and 1 km. walking route. You can walk along the river valley.

Overhanging trees, steep rocks, gushing springs and numerous caves make a favorite place for many tourists. Over the springs there are the ruins of the largest Early Byzantine fortress in Strandja mountain – Great Fortress.

Throughout the region there are 19 caves as the longest of them is the Fortress-302 m, while the shortest is 9 m, called the Sheepfold. The caves Learnitsite and Brezhanka are very famous and have been used since ancient times.

The area is very picturesque as it is surrounded by canyons and rivers Bliznashka and Evrenozovska. To the landmarks can be reached through a network of marked paths in the existing walking routes.

Nowadays, it was constructed a new circular route of village of Mladejko – Springs of the river Mladejka – Kale – Evronozovo village – the village of Mladejko 15 km long, are constructed large shelter, bridges over the river, observation tower and a platform.

The observation tower and the interesting wooden castle near the region of Kale allow for panoramic observations in the area and a real enjoyment of the beautiful views around.

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